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Love In Black And White

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By Lance Kyle

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Love in Black and White is four stories and a short novel exploring themes of interracial love. It begins with four short stories. In The Voyeur and the Busboy, a meek traveling accountant falls in love with a young African man who buses tables in a cafe and whose apartment window can be seen from the accountant’s hotel room. Mario and me tells the story of a younger man who has his first gay experience with an older man he meets in the sauna at a university gym. Master Tom imagines what would happen if Thomas Jefferson had a long affair not with his slave Sally Hemings but with her brother, James. Vignette is a fantasy about two young men who take showers at the same time, miles apart, imagining each other – and inviting the reader into their thoughts. Mistletoe Farm is a short historical novel set on a plantation in the South. A young white man has come to the plantation he now owns, and buys a set of slaves to go with it.


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