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The Blacksmith And The Scholar

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When a young, sheltered scholar from Oxford has an accident, he is stranded in the rustic cottage of a burley blacksmith. That night he began an entirely new part of his education. In some ways it would have been a dream come true for the repressed young man, but his dreams were never that good, inventive or pleasurable. He soon begins a voyage of discovery and his intellectual and sexual horizons broaden.He meets the humble, but randy friends of his new friend Ralph, the blacksmith. They introduced him to a new world of friendship and sexuality. He discovers what it is to enjoy another man, and how to share his body for mutual pleasure. For the first time, he finds that ecstasy isn’t a word; it’s a feeling. On his travels, he eventually meets noblemen, great artists, Oxford Dons, the boiler room crew of a steamship, a Sheik and some sexually driven Indian Gurus. While they all were of different classes, nationalities and races, they all shared a common interest in exploring the further limits of man’s ability to experience sexual pleasure.


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