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Provocative Provocateurs

Innovative, edgy, fun, and totally hysterical, if you missed Teara Newhole’s “Provocateurs” last week at the Eagle, you missed a show that dazzled, delighted, and made us feel funny all over. Don’t worry, there’s more coming, soon!

Shipmates Leather Club

Thank you to The Shipmates leather club for entrusting the Baltimore Eagle to curate its historical Shipmates Pin Case – a piece of living history, memorializing so many exciting events, worthy causes, and meaningful connections. Next time you in, be sure to ask a Shipmate to share a piece of their history. We hear you might want to watch out for the Keel Haul!

Congratulations to 2019 IML Champion, Jack Thompson!

The Baltimore Eagle is proud to congratulate our very own team member, Mr. Jack Thompson, 2019 International Mister Leather title holder. In his inspirational acceptance speech at one of the world’s largest gay fetish events, Jack professed, “If you’re enough for you, then you are enough…When you finally see yourself as enough, no one can take that away from you. So if someone makes you feel like you’re not enough for them, ask yourself ‘am I enough for me?’ That’s the only opinion that matters.” The Baltimore Eagle is proud to be a part of his powerful message. We love and support you, Jack. Congratulations!

Special Thanks to Norman James, Owner, Progressive Signs

The heraldry of the emblem of the Baltimore Eagle reaches back through time to the deepest roots of the gay rights movement, and it serves as a symbol of who we are; so when we discovered that our emblem had been stolen from our home away from home, we were justifiably upset and saddened. Then came long-time friend of the Baltimore Eagle, Mr. Norman James, Owner of Progressive Signs, a man with a unique passion for rescuing and restoring landmark signs of his beloved home town of Baltimore for the benefit of future generations. We wish to thank Norman for applying his talents and his resources to fabricate and install the new, custom Baltimore Eagle emblem that now graces our front bar. Norman, you’ve helped the Eagle soar once again. Thank you.

Find out why the Eagle’s head always looks towards it’s right-side wing, here

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