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Mind Games

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By Alan Diluca

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…two stories of two straight hunks. Neither has had a gay thought in his life, but somehow each finds himself taking a walk on the other side of the street. And once the cuffs are on, it’s far too late to wonder if they might have gotten in too deep… “Being Neighborly” – Ever since hetero hunk Jim moved in next door, Alex has been hungry to get to know his neighbor better, but he despairs of ever getting more than a flashing glimpse of skin. It takes a chance remark about ropework one day to rekindle Alex’s hope for a deeper connection with his neighbor. “I Want Your Body” – Paul has it all: great job, hot wife, cool car. Until the day he finds himself possessed by a demon and dragged against his will to a string of gay bars and bondage clubs. The demon, it seems, likes to play rough. But demonic possession in 21st-century San Francisco? Paul needs to find out what exactly is going on if he ever hopes to win the Mind Games.


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